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Sainte-Marie Island, Nôsy Boraha and Excursion Sites

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Sainte Marie Island, Nôsy Boraha


Nôsy Boraha and Excursion Sites

  • A small gem in the Indian Ocean, on the east coast of Madagascar, just a 55-minute flight from the capital. Approximately 35,000 inhabitants live there. Sainte-Marie Island is long and narrow, about sixty kilometers long and only 7 wide. The island has a lot to offer in terms of excursions and activities, whether maritime or terrestrial.
  • The island is not only known for its beautiful paradise beaches, but it is also rich in history, lush nature, and two primary forests. It is world-renowned as a meeting place for humpback whales from June to September. This is one of the island’s tourist attractions during this period, and the Sainte-Marie channel is one of the best places to observe them up close.
  • In the northern part of the island, waterfalls, natural pools, and typical villages with all their charms built with local materials like traveler’s palm trees, fishing villages, form a perfect setting for an exotic stroll.

Around the city center, the oldest Catholic church in all of Madagascar and the pirate cemetery invite you to imagine the astonishment of the first Westerners privileged to stay in this Eden. The island was indeed one of the pirate strongholds in the 17th and 18th centuries. Some wrecks are still present and recently documented, such as William Kid’s ship, the Adventure Galley, the ferry Dragon…

  • Guided tours are organized under the guidance of Boraha Tours to take you to discover this resting place of these sea bandits, the mangrove forests around Forban Bay.

Towards the east coast, visit and excursion in the mangrove forests, walks on islets, snorkeling, artisanal fishing, sports fishing, scuba diving, kitesurfing, and hiking are all exciting activities.

On the southern tip lies Ile aux Nattes, a small piece of land only accessible by canoe or boat. Swimming, beach, snorkeling, and not to forget the endemic mauve orchid that blooms from September to November make this preserved islet, free from car noises, a garden of Eden within a garden of Eden. Grilling on the beach is a memory that marks you for life.

Custom trips from the capital are organized according to your wishes.

• Share your wishes with us, and we will make it happen, the journey you dreamed of.


Île aux Nattes and its Paradise Beaches


Day at Île aux Nattes, a small piece of land only accessible by canoe or boat, at the southern tip of the island. Swimming, beach, snorkeling, boat tours, visit to the village and 360° viewpoint and not forgetting the purple orchid endemic to this place which flowers from September to November. Grilling on the beach.


Sand Islet

Three stretches of paradise beaches protected by coral reefs in the Indian Ocean.
Approximately a fifteen-minute boat ride from the shore.
Snorkeling, it is a sacred place with all its legends.



Natural Pools

Natural pool, waterfalls, fishing village, lush landscape in the northern part of the island, Albrand lighthouse, one of Gustav Eiffel’s creations… all are must-visit places. Lunch by the natural pool; it’s a sacred place where the village sage and a local guide share stories and accompany you on the site.



Ampanihy Bay and its Mangrove Forests

In the northeastern part of the island, you will savor the experience of crossing a vast paradise beach facing the Indian Ocean on the east coast, with beautiful panoramic views of the large lagoon. The canoe ride through the Mangrove forest and lunch at Ampanihy, where fresh mangrove crabs take center stage, provide unparalleled pleasures.


Humpback Whales



A half-day or more whale-watching ecotourism excursion allows for a better understanding, observation, and protection of these gentle giants of the sea, which are in a mating rendezvous in the Indian Ocean from mid-June to September. It is one of the island’s tourist attractions during this period, and the Sainte-Marie channel is one of the best places to observe them up close. Boraha Tours is in partnership with an association dedicated to the protection, observation, and understanding of marine mammals and whale sharks in the Indian Ocean, the MEGAPTERA association A local guide specialized in whale watching and eco-volunteers accompany you on the boat during the sea outing.



Historical Visits

Around the city center of Ambidifotatra, the Pirates’ Cemetery and the Catholic church form the best duo of things to see. The oldest Catholic church in Madagascar, built in 1835 with a marble altar donated by Empress Eugénie, the wife of Napoleon III. A detour to the Cultural Center of Madame Island allows for a better understanding of the Saint Mariens’ customs, the life of Queen Betty, and the history of the island.


Forest Hiking

Along the width of the island from the west coast to the east coast. The possibility to continue the walk in the Mangrove forest. Return by vehicle while admiring the lagoon on the east coast of Sainte-Marie.



Our Activities :

Artisanal fishing, big game fishing, snorkeling, scuba diving, 4×4 and Quad raids, motorcycle, bike.

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