Boraha Tours & Travel - The trip you dreamed of
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A small pearl of land in the Indian Ocean, on the east coast of Madagascar, just 55 minutes by flight from the capital.


Far from the usual circuits, a look of adventure apart. The North East of Madagascar is a landlocked part of the big island.


Set out to discover the green landscape of the Malagasy east coast, the Travelers’ Trees, the largest lemur in Madagascar, etc.


Who Are We?
Boraha Tours & Travel

A receptive tour operator specializing in the east coast and based on Sainte-Marie Island, composed of professional teams native to the east coast region and the large island.
Around 1906, Portuguese sailors discovered the island on the day of the Assumption while escaping a shipwreck and named the place in honor of the Virgin Mary: ‘Santa Maria.’ Sainte-Marie Island, formerly known as Nosy-Ibrahim, is now called Nosy Boraha in Malagasy. The name Boraha is derived from Nôsy Boraha (Ibrahim’s island).
Legend has it that Boraha (Ibrahim) was a sailor and fisherman who was shipwrecked, saved by a guitarfish, and brought to the beach on the east coast of the island to a mysterious island called Nosimbavy (island of women) near Amboaboaka.
The island stretches from north to south and tilts about 1 degree. It is separated by a channel of about 30 km from the mainland.
Boraha Tours is here to guide you in your travels, sharing our passions and experiences with you. Allow us to be your partner for a perfect journey; let us guide you.
Whatever the purpose of your trip to Madagascar, our team is ready to meet your needs. Cultural tourism, solidarity, adventure, classic travel, honeymoon, discovery travel, study trips, scientific research, internships; Team Building, Hiking, Climbing, Kitesurfing. The journey you dream of, we will make it happen.

We may not have palaces in Madagascar, but our nature is of great luxury.
Madagascar has everything to offer in terms of tourism: its 5000 km of beaches, 90% endemism in lush fauna and flora, its underwater landscapes, its history, various adventure sites, national parks, natural reserves, and the diverse customs of its welcoming populations.
We take care of you from your landing in the large island until your takeoff for your return. Partner hotels are carefully chosen, meeting all required standards, personal, and welcoming. Charming hotels, Eco Lodges, of all kinds according to your desires. Rental vehicles of all types.
Boraha Tours & Travel is committed to customer satisfaction for its services and offerings in the country. Providing comfort, quality service, and optimal tourist products to its clientele for the smooth running and assurance of your stay. We also adhere to the motto of ensuring your services through a quality business relationship based on trust and longevity.